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⇨ Writing Greener Java Applications

March 1, 2023

Holly Cummins, a colleague at Red Hat and Java Champion, is making a lot of great content about making software greener.

Her presentation focuses on Quarkus which is a greenfield 1 Java framework focused on Cloud-native applications while my job is on WildFly and JBoss EAP, Java application servers that predate the Cloud.

Her presentation resonates with me professionally and personally.

Professionally, my focus these days is on making WildFly and EAP run great on the Cloud. Doing so in a sustainable manner is important as it has direct impact on our users' costs and performance.

Personally, and more importantly, it resonates with my vision of my work and my life. All my career has been done around Open Source projects. They fit my idea of a good humane society with core values of Openness, Meritocracy and Accountability. Developping Open Source code is now a given for me and I don't envision other ways to perform my job.

The next frontier is now to develop Sustainable code that reduces our impact on the planet. I deeply believe now that any advancements we are making, whether it's the Cloud, Cryptocurrency, Machine-Learning, can not be at the expense at the planet and our future generations.

It's not simple to see how that translates in my daily tasks but we are past the point where we should include sustainability into our guiding principles and I'm making a deliberate conscious choice to do that now at my own level.

  1. Pun intended