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Raphaël Mesnil

October 16, 2014

Our first child, Raphaël Mesnil, is born on September, 28th at 52cm and 3.230kg.

Marion and the baby are fine and we enjoy every moment with him.

Raphaël Mesnil
Raphaël Mesnil © Jeff Mesnil

I am now a father which will make many photographs of his baby :)

I am already making good use of the Fujinon 56mm ƒ/1.2 lens that I bought a few months ago when we learnt that Marion was pregnant.

I am not accustomed to baby photography (or portraits in general) but this will change now that Raphaël is here. We were back at home for one day and I was already setting up a studio to shoot his portrait. Next step is to make photographs of Marion and the baby together.

So much fun, so much love.