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⇨ David duChemin Reviews the Fuji XE-1

May 13, 2013

Spoiler: he loves the camera and, unsurprisingly, makes beautiful pictures with it.

I bought his book, The Print and the Process, this week-end. It is a beautifully crafted book composed of 4 sections, Venic, Iceland, Kenya, and Antarctica providing a variety of scenes (it's mostly landscapes and portraits though, it's a David duChemin's book after all :) Each section is composed of a set of 20-30 images without any text that helps appreciate the flow of pictures without any interruption. At the end of each section, there is a text for each images where the author describes what his intent or feeling was when he took the picture.

The book is bound along the short edge in landscape mode. This design makes the beautiful landscape images really stand out.

Beautiful book, gorgeous photos and instructive reading. Heartily recommended.