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March 16, 2012

If you read this post from my Atom feed, it means I migrated successfully my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll.
If you read this from your Web browser, you are seeing the new design for my Web site.

For some time, I wanted to simplify my blog, both its design and the process to write on it. Wordpress is a great tool to publish on the Web but I wanted something simpler to understand and develop new features for.

For example, I want to distinguish between blog posts (prefixing by a {{ }} in the title) and links (suffixed by a {{ }}) which mainly redirect to interesting content. There is a Wordpress plug-in for that but I had problems with it every time I upgraded Wordpress. I replaced this plug-in by writing a few lines using Liquid in Jekyll templates.
Using static pages only also means that I no longer have any cache issues, Web servers are pretty good at serving static content these days :)

This considerably simplify writing content and updating the web site:

I also took the opportunity to update the design and layout of the Web pages and I owe much to Mark Reid and James Duncan Davidson Web sites. Everything that looks great on my site is thanks to them, the rest is my own little contribution.

I also migrated the documentation of stomp-websocket to S3.

As far as I can tell, all my contents has been migrated and I kept all URLs compatible with their previous forms. If you ever find a page wich is not available anymore, please le me know on Twitter (@jmesnil).