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Feed & Website Update

November 8, 2010

I intend to change a bit the way I write on this weblog to link more often to other URLs of interest (about code, photos, etc.).
Based on the DF-Style Linked List plug-in, I now distinguish between my own posts and simpler link posts.

This is similar to Daring Fireball or James Duncan Davidson's blog. I find this more convenient: when reading from a news reader, cliking on the title of a link post will directly open the linked web site instead of going to mine for an useless roundtrip.
Link posts are identified by appending a ☛ to the post title (in both the feed and the web pages).

For longer, more personal posts, I differentiate them by prepending a ⚑ in the feed title.

This way, I clearly distinguish between my own writings (⚑) and others' writings that I link to (☛).

If you read this using a feed reader, you may not have noticed but I also updated the look of my web site. I streamlined it by using the simplest Wordpress theme I could find and switching to the Helvetica Neue font. The simpler, the better...