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October 1, 2007

Update (Oct., 1st): A huge thank you to everyone that has mailed, phoned, or linked to me over the past several weeks. I was contacted by great people at companies with very interesting and cool things and it was a tough decision to choose among all these great offers.

But I finally took the decision and starting today I'm working for Red Hat in the JBoss division.

It is now official: I've been notified by my employer of my layoff (French R&D; office closing down, cost reduction and all).

The good news is that I'll have more time to work on jmx4r and eclipse-jmx and publish articles on this weblog.
But, as fun as it sounds, it won't pay the bills, so I need to find a new job.

Please hire me.

If you are unable to hire me, please do me a favor and link to this entry.

My resume is available in PDF or Word.

Thank you.