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eclipse-jmx 0 .2.1 is released

June 8, 2007

eclipse-jmx 0.2.1 has been released.

Compared to previous release, the main new feature is the support for MBean notifications.

Under the hood, the code which displays MBean attribute values has been completely rewritten by Ben Walstrum using extension points. Thanks to his contribution, any MBean attribute display can now be customized (e.g. using charts, hyperlinks, ...)

See what's new & noteworthy and the release notes.
You can download it or update it from Eclipse using the update site.

As usual, one word of caution: it is still in alpha stage and nowhere near as functional or usable as jconsole.

Do not hesitate to send feedback on the dev mailing list or to create issues in its tracker if you encounter a bug.