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With MySQL, ObjectWeb covers (almost) all the enterprise application stack

July 28, 2004

That's a great news for ObjectWeb that MySQL AB joins the consortium.
If we now look at the range of the members and products of ObjectWeb, it appears that the consortium now spans almost all the stack of entreprise application:

What is missing to cover the whole stack?

  • a web server but Apache httpd is ubiquitous
  • an ESB (JORAM is just a MOM, nothing less, nothing more)
  • a portal
  • anything else?

Right now, I don't see another Open Source organization which covers such a wide range (Apache and JBoss, Inc being the other ones I think of). That may prove a key advantage for ObjectWeb if companies can get all-in-one support for ObjectWeb products through its members.

But ObjectWeb has also to take care to not spread too thin. The consortium has the bad habit to separate too much the work done (try to count the number of mailing lists and workgroups!) and to not encourage collaboration between its projects enough. To become more succesful in the Open Source space, ObjectWeb should be less a cathedral and more a bazaar.

As for MySQL AB and ObjectWeb collaboration, I'm particularly excited by the prospect of an out-of-the-box clustered MySQL thanks to C-JDBC...

Anyway, congrats to MySQL and ObjectWeb guys!