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Tiger 1.5 on Tiger 10.4

June 11, 2004

I've been very slow and I've just realized today that the next version of Java 1.5 and MacOS X 10.4 share the same codename "tiger".

It's also quite funny that they will be officially presented at the same place (Moscone Center, San Francisco) at the same time (June 28) but at two different events (JavaOne for Java, WWDC for MacOS X).

I hope that in the keynotes on Tiger (MacOS X), Steve Jobs will announce the availability of Tiger (Java) soon. I've ordered a PowerBook recently and the only thing which annoys me as a Java developer is that I won't be able to play with Java 1.5 on my new toy...

Steve, if you hear me, don't wait too long before releasing Tiger 1.5 on Tiger 10.4? ;-)